Easiest Yerba Mate Drinking Tool

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YerbaCup makes drinking Yerba Mate easy!


For beginners, travelers, and easy office use. The YerbaCup is the world's easiest to use yerba mate drinker. With a built-in gourd, straw (bombilla), and water chamber, it effectively extracts the nutrients and compounds that help support balanced living.

 YerbaCup for Yerba Mate

It was designed in Latin America, by yerba mate drinkers, for yerba mate drinkers. It is designed with two chambers; the bottom holds water while the top holds yerba mate. It is basically a built in yerba mate gourd, straw, thermos, and automatic server. A special tube brings the water over the top of the yerba mate, which allows the maximum amounts of nutrients and antioxidants to be pulled out of the yerba mate. 

It is made by Lumilagro, which is Latin America's largest producer of Yerba Mate thermoses and portable yerba mate servers.


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